The Index of the Tongan Government Legislation
Sunday, 17 January 2021
2018-0014 2018/2019 Appropriation Act 2018
2018-0015 amended by...2018/2019 Appropriation (Amendment) Act 2018 Lao (Fakatonutonu) Ke Fakahu Atu 'A E Pa'anga 2018/2019 Ki He Ngaahi Ngaue 'A E Pule'anga 2018
2019-0038 2019/2020 Appropriation Act 2019
2020-0035 2020/21 Appropriation Act 2020
2008-0016 Admiralty Act
1919-0007 Adultery and Fornication Act
2002-0005 Agricultural Commodities Export Act
4402-0001 Fruit Export (Buttercup Squash) Regulations
4402-0002 Fruit Export (Vanilla) Regulations
1978-0027 Animal Diseases Act
2007-0013 Anti-Corruption Commissioner Act 2007
2003-0015 Aquaculture Management Act
4202-0001 Aquaculture Management Regulations
1968-0010 Arms and Ammunition Act
2003-0001 Arms and Ammunition Regulations
1973-0022 Asian Development Bank Act
1990-0027 Bail Act
2000-0005 Bailiffs Act
1957-0011 Bazaars and Concerts Act
1944-0013 Bicycle Registration Act
1973-0023 Bills of Exchange Act
2009-0019 Biosafety Act
1915-0001 Birds Preservation Act
1926-0016 Births, Deaths and Marriages Registration Act
1702-0004 Regisitrar General's (Change of Name) Regulations 2011
1702-0002 Registrar General’s Births, Deaths and Marriages Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni 'a e Failesisita Seniale ki he Fa'ele mo e Pekia
1702-0001 Solemnization of Marriage Regulations ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni ki he Fai ‘o e Mali
1932-0008 Boxing Matches (Regulation) Act
1985-0010 Bretton Woods Agreements Act
2002-0039 Building Control and Standards Act
2202-0002 Building Code Regulations Tu'utu'uni Fakafonua ki he Langa Fale
2202-0001 Building Control and Standards Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Pule'i mo e Ngaahi 'o e Langa Fale
2002-0023 Business Licences Act
4002-0001 Business Licences Regulations
1991-0020 Carriage by Air Act
2008-0006 Carriage of Goods by Sea Act
1977-0021 Carriage of Passengers and Luggage by Sea Act
1993-0014 Charitable Trusts Act
3810-0001 Charitable Trusts Regulations
1920-0007 Cinema Act
2204-0001 Censorship Regulations
2204-0002 Cinema Theatre Rules
2014-0019 Civil Aviation Act
4906-0008 Civil Aviation (Airport Charges) Regulations
4906-0003 Civil Aviation (Licensing Charges) Regulations
4906-0005 Civil Aviation (Restriction of Use of Land) Regulations
4906-0006 Civil Aviation Rules
4906-0002 Customs Airports Regulations
1966-0012 Civil Law Act
1973-0015 Co-operative Societies Act
4004-0001 Co-operative Societies Rules
2015-0026 Communications Act 2015
2016-0052 amended by...Communications (Amendment) Act 2016 Lao (Fakatonutonu ki he Ngaahi Fetu’utaki 2016
2017-0044 Communication Licensing Rules 2017 Ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni Laiseni ki he Ngaahi Fetu‘utaki 2017
2019-0059 amended by...Communications Licensing (Amendment) Rules 2019 Ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni ni ko e Ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni Laiseni ki he Ngaahi Fetu‘utaki (Fakatonutonu) 2019
2020-0030 Communications (Infringement Notice Regime) Declaration 2020 Tu'utu'uni (Founga Ngaue ki he Ngaahi Fakaha 'o ha Maumau) ki he Ngaahi Fetu'utaki 2020
1995-0014 Companies Act
4006-0001 Companies (Liquidation) Regulations
4006-0002 Companies Regulations
2003-0014 Computer Crimes Act
1988-0002 Constitution of Tonga.pdf
0101-0002 Cabinet Manual of His Majesty's Cabinet
1951-0014 Consular Conventions Act
1970-0007 Consular Relations Act
2000-0015 Consumer Protection Act
4008-0001 Consumer Protection (Product Safety & Labelling Standards) Regulations
2003-0029 Consumption Tax Act
2602-0001 Consumption Tax Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Tukuhau Ngaue'aki
2019-0003 amended by...Consumption Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2019 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tukuhau Ngaue’aki 2019
1926-0014 Copra Act
2002-0012 Copyright Act
1958-0012 Corneal and Tissue Grafting Act
2013-0017 Counter Terrorism and Transnational Organised Crime Act
1927-0005 Court Fees Act
1966-0014 Court of Appeal Act
0715-0002 Court of Appeal (Constitution of Court) Rules
0715-0001 Court of Appeal Rules
1978-0004 Credit Unions Act
1924-0010 Criminal Offences Act
2016-0034 amended by...Criminal Offences (Amendment) Act 2016 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Ngaahi Hia 2016
1009-0001 Criminal Offences (Sentence of Death) Regulations
1961-0014 Crown Proceedings Act
2007-0005 Customs Act
2020-0094 Customs (PACER Plus) Regulations 2020 Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Tute (PACER Plus) 2020
2018-0029 Customs Duty (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2018 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) (Fika 2) ki he Tute Kasitomu 2018
2020-0041 Customs Duty (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2020 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu)(Fika.2) ki he Tute Kasitomu 2020
2020-0093 Customs Duty (Amendment) (No.3) Order 2020 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu)(Fika.3) ki he Tute Kasitomu 2020
2018-0018 Customs Duty (Amendment) Order 2018 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tute Kasitomu 2018
2019-0045 Customs Duty (Amendment) Order 2019 Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tute Kasitomu 2019
2020-0010 Customs Duty (Amendment) Order 2020 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tute Kasitomu 2020
2603-0001 Customs Regulations 2008
2007-0004 Customs and Excise Management Act
2020-0042 Customs and Excise Management Act (Amendment) Order 2020 Tu'utu'uni Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki hono Pule'i 'o e Tute mo e 'Ekisia 2020
2604-0003 Customs and Excise Management Order
2604-0001 Customs and Excise Management Regulations 2008
1951-0011 Dances Act
1923-0010 Defamation Act
1948-0007 Diplomatic Privileges Act
1971-0005 Diplomatic Relations Act
1931-0006 Disinterment of Bodies Act
1930-0009 District and Town Officers Act
2019-0018 amended by...District and Town Officers (Amendment) 2019 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Kau 'Ofisa Fakavahefonua mo e Kau 'Ofisa Kolo 2019
2020-0100 amended by...District and Town Officers (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Kau ‘Ofisa Fakavahefonua mo e Kau ‘Ofisa Kolo 2020
2019-0058 District and Town Officers Election Regulations 2019 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni Fili ki he Kau ‘Ofisa Fakavahefonua mo e Kau ‘Ofisa Kolo 2019
1927-0010 Divorce Act
1724-0002 Divorce Rules Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Vete Mali
1936-0010 Dock Regulation Act
1930-0019 Dogs Act
2013-0023 Education Act
1936-0015 Educational Films (Exemption from Duty) Act
1989-0022 Electoral Act
0408-0004 Election Petition Rules 2016
0408-0002 Electoral (Elections of Representatives of the Nobles) Regulations
0408-0001 Electoral Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Fili Fale Alea
2016-0409 Electoral Boundaries Commission Act
0409-0002 Electoral Boundaries Regulations
2016-0010 Electoral Commission Act
2019-0035 District and Town Officers Election Regulations 2019 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni Fili ki he Kau ‘Ofisa Fakavahefonua mo e Kau ‘Ofisa Kolo 2019
2007-0011 Electricity Act
3212-0004 By-Laws Governing Terms and Conditions of Supply
3212-0002 Electric Power Board (Submarine Cables) By-laws
3212-0001 Electrical Contractor By-Laws
3212-0003 Electrical Wiring By-Laws
2008-0018 Emergency Fund Act
2007-0014 Emergency Management Act
1959-0004 Emergency Powers Act
2006-0003 Cabinet (Restriction on Removal of Cash from the Kingdom) Order
2006-0001 Emergency Powers (Fuel Control) Regulations
2006-0002 Emergency Powers (Maintenance of Public Order) Regulations
2006-0004 Emergency Powers Regulations
2010-0027 Environment Management Act
4702-0002 Environment Management (Litter and Waste Control) Regulations 20
2003-0016 Environmental Impact Assessment Act
4704-0001 Environmental Impact Assessment Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Fakafuofua Uesia 'o e 'Atakai
1947-0011 Evacuation Act
1942-0006 Evacuation of Foreigners Act
1924-0011 Evidence Act
2016-0035 amended by...Evidence (Amendment) Act 2016 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Fakamo’oni 2016
2007-0006 Excise Tax Act
2018-0028 Excise Tax (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2018 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) (Fika 2) ki he Tukuhau 'Ekisia 2018
2020-0043 Excise Tax (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2020 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) (Fika.2) ki he Tukuhau 'Ekisia 2020
2018-0017 Excise Tax (Amendment) Order 2018 Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tukuhau ‘Ekisia 2018
2019-0046 Excise Tax (Amendment) Order 2019 Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tukuhau ‘Ekisia 2019
2020-0011 Excise Tax (Amendment) Order 2020 Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tukuhau 'Ekisia 2020.
2607-0001 Excise Tax Regulations 2008
1971-0009 Explosives Act
2012-0001 Explosives Regulations
1972-0019 Extradition Act
0724-0001 Extradition (Designated Countries) Order
2013-0018 Family Protection Act
1949-0010 Fatal Accidents Act
2004-0017 Financial Institutions Act
3814-0001 Financial Institutions Regulations
2002-0026 Fisheries Management Act
4206-0008 Fisheries (Coastal Communities) Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Toutai (Kolo Matatahi)
2020-0101 amended by...Fisheries (Coastal Communities) (Amendment) (No.2) Regulations 2020 Ngaahi Tuʻutuʻuni (Fakatonutonu) (Fika.2) ki he Toutai (Kolo Matatahi) 2020
2019-0040 amended by...Fisheries (Coastal Communities) (Amendment) Regulations 2017 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Toutai (Kolo Matatahi) 2017
2020-0012 amended by...Fisheries (Coastal Communities) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Toutai (Kolo Matatahi) 2020
4206-0004 Fisheries (Limu Tanga'u) Regulations
4206-0006 Fisheries (Local Fishing) Regulation
4206-0009 Fisheries (Vessel Monitoring System) Regulations
4206-0003 Fisheries Management (Conservation) Regulations Ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni ki he Pule’i ‘o e Toutai (Fakatolonga)
2020-0038 amended by...Fisheries Management (Conservation)(Amendment) Regulations 2020 Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Pule'i 'o e Toutai (Fakatolonga) 2020
4206-0005 Fisheries Management (Export and Processing) Regulations
4206-0007 Fisheries Snapper Notice
4206-0001 Special Management Area Order
1924-0006 Fonos Act
2020-0099 amended by...Fonos (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Ngaahi Fono 2020
2014-0013 Food Act
2020-0073 Food Act 2020
2000-0016 Foreign Evidence Act
1963-0009 Foreign Exchange Control Act
3816-0002 Foreign Exchange Control (Restriction on Removal of Cash) Regulations
3816-0001 Foreign Exchange Control Regulations
2018-0022 Foreign Exchange Control Act 2018
2015-0005 Foreign Exchange Levy Act 2015
2018-0042 amended by...Foreign Exchange Levy (Amendment) Act 2018 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he ‘Inasi Fakapule’anga ‘i he Fetongi Pa’anga Muli 2018
3817-0002 Foreign Exchange Levy Regulations 2016
2002-0022 Foreign Investment Act
3818-0001 Foreign Investment Regulations
2020-0074 Foreign Investment Act 2020
1961-0007 Forests Act
4406-0001 Forest Produce Regulations
4406-0002 Sandalwood Regulations 2016
1978-0032 Form of Testamentary Dispositions Act
1969-0008 Genocide Act
1903-0002 Government Act
0412-0006 Districts (Animal Enclosure) Regulations
0412-0005 Niuatoputapu Villages Regulations
0412-0002 Village Regulations
2004-0008 Guardianship Act
1903-0029 Harbours Act
4808-0002 Harbours Proclamation
4808-0001 Nuku'alofa Harbour Regulations
4808-0003 Vava'u Harbour Regulations
2010-0028 Hazardous Wastes and Chemicals Act
2001-0007 Health Practitioners Review Act
2007-0002 Health Promotion Foundation Act
1991-0015 Health Services Act
2812-0002 Health Services (Fees and Charges) Regulations
2020-0070 amended by...Health Services (Fees and Charges) (Amendment) Regulations 2020 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) (Ngaahi Totongi) ki he Ngaahi Ngaue ki he Mo’ui 2020
2812-0003 Medical Services (Detained Patients) Regulations
2812-0001 Medical Services Regulations
2003-0007 Illicit Drugs Control Act
2020-0098 amended by...Illicit Drugs Control (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki hono Pule’i ‘o e Ngaahi Faito’o Ta’efakalao 2020
1969-0016 Immigration Act
2502-0001 Immigration Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Kakai Hu Mai
2007-0010 Income Tax Act
2608-0004 Income Tax Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Pa'anga Hu Mai
2018-0034 amended by...Income Tax (Amendment) Regulations 2018 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Tukuhau Pa’anga Hu Mai 2018
1984-0029 Incorporated Societies Act
1994-0019 Industrial Property Act
4016-0001 Industrial Property Regulations
1903-0017 Inquests Act
1967-0010 International Organisations (Immunities and Privileges of Certain Officers) Act
1903-0006 Interpretation Act
2020-0097 amended by...Interpretation (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Ngaahi ‘Uhinga’i Lea 2020
1950-0025 Intoxicating Liquor Act
1903-0020 Land Act
4602-0001 Declarations of Cemeteries
4602-0002 Land (Occupation by Aliens) Regulations
4602-0003 Land (Quarry) Regulations
4602-0004 Land (Removal of Sand) Regulations Ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni ki he kelekele (Fetuku ‘o e ‘one‘one)
4602-0005 Land (Timber) Regulations
4602-0010 Land Court Rules
4602-0009 Rent of Leases to Tongans Regulation
1989-0021 Law Practitioners Act
0733-0001 Tonga Law Society Establishment Regulations
2020-0051 Law Revision (Miscellaneous Amendments) Act 2020
2019-0008 Laws Consolidation Act 2018
1915-0007 Legislative Assembly Act
0416-0001 Legislative Assembly (Election of Representatives of the Nobles) Regulations
0416-0003 Rules of Procedure of the Legislative Assembly of Tonga
2004-0014 Legislative Assembly Retirement Benefits Scheme Act
1930-0018 Legitimacy Act
1939-0004 Lighting Act
1918-0002 Magistrate’s Court Act
2020-0096 amended by...Magistrate's Court (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Fakamaau’anga Polisi 2020
0736-0003 Magistrate's Court (Civil) Rules Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni 'a e Fakamaau'anga Polisi (Sivile)
0736-0002 Magistrate's Court Rules
0736-0004 Magistrates' Court (Justice of the Peace) Regulations
0736-0001 Magistrate’s Court (Allowances to Witnesses) Regulations
1916-0017 Maintenance of Deserted Wives Act
1906-0010 Maintenance of Illegitimate Children Act
1942-0018 Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor Act
2816-0001 Manufacture of Intoxicating Liquor (Licence Fees) Order
1961-0006 Marine Insurance Act
2002-0008 Marine Pollution Prevention Act
2009-0010 Maritime Zones Act
1975-0010 Markets Act
4018-0001 Market Regulations
4018-0002 Talamahu Market Regulations
2001-0005 Medical and Dental Practice Act
2001-0008 Mental Health Act 2001
2004-0006 amended by...Mental Health (Amendment) Act 2004 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Lao ki he Fakalelei ‘Atamai 2004
2014-0026 amended by...Mental Health (Amendment) Act 2014 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Fakalelei 'Atamai 2014
2020-0075 amended by...Mental Health (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Fakalelei ‘Atamai 2020
2010-0042 amended by...Miscellaneous Amendments (Privy Council) Act 2010 Lao ki he Ngaahi Fakatonutonu (Fakataha Tokoni) Kehekehe 2010
2001-0022 Methylated Spirits Act
1978-0034 Metrication Act
2018-0020 Microfinance Institutions Act 2018
1949-0014 Minerals Act
2000-0028 Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Act
1018-0001 Money Laundering and Proceeds of Crime Regulations
2018-0021 Moneylenders Act 2018
2000-0017 Mutual Assistance in Criminal Matters Act
1973-0025 National Anthem of Tonga Act
1988-0048 National Reserve Bank of Tonga Act
3820-0002 National Reserve Bank of Tonga (Currency) Regulations
3820-0001 National Reserve Bank of Tonga Regulations
2016-0442 National Retirement Benefits Fund Act
0442-0003 National Retirement Benefits Fund(Appointment of Directors) Regulations
2012-0007 National Spatial Planning and Management Act
1915-0006 Nationality Act
2506-0001 Fees in respect of certain naturalisations
2506-0002 Naturalization Regulations
2010-0036 Nationality Identity Card Act
1977-0007 Notaries Public Act
1903-0036 Noxious Weeds Act
4408-0001 Proclamation of Noxious Weeds
2001-0004 Nurses Act
1964-0008 Official Secrets Act
2016-0404 Ombudsman Act
2018-0040 Ombudsman Order 2018 Tu'utu'uni ki he 'Omipatimeni 2018
1903-0016 Order in Public Places Act
2015-0001 Order in Public Places (Intoxicating Liquor) Order Tu'utu'uni ki he Tauhi 'o e Maau 'i he Ngaahi Feitu'u Faka-Pule'anga (Kava Malohi Tapu)
2010-0023 Ozone Layer Protection Act
2018-0023 Pacific Games 2019 Taxation Incentives (Repeal) Act 2018
1976-0011 Parks and Reserves Act
3006-0001 Declaration of Parks and Reserves
1964-0010 Passport Act
2508-0001 Passport Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Ngaahi Tohi Fakangofua ke Folau
1915-0004 Pensions Act
0428-0001 Pensions Regulations
2010-0033 Personal Property Securities Act
4036-0002 Personal Property Securities Regulations
2002-0007 Pesticides Act
1959-0006 Petroleum Act
4606-0001 Petroleum Regulations
1969-0003 Petroleum Mining Act
4608-0001 Petroleum Mining Regulations
2001-0006 Pharmacy Act
2828-0001 Pharmacy Regulations 2010
1981-0024 Plant Quarantine Act
4410-0001 Diseases of Plants Regulations
4410-0004 Plant Quarantine (Fees) Regulation
4410-0005 Plant Quarantine (Squash and Vanilla) (Fees) Regulations 1997
4410-0003 Prescribed Treatment for Bunchy Top
1984-0024 Polynesian Heritage Trust Act
2002-0033 Pornography Control Act
1998-0008 Ports Authority Act
4814-0001 Ports Authority (Overseas Vessels Tariff Fees)
4814-0005 Ports Authority (Prohibition of Dangerous Operations) Standing Order
4814-0003 Ports Authority (Provision of Information by Ships Masters) Code of Practice
4814-0006 Ports Authority (Sale of Detained Vessels) Standing Orders
2001-0026 Ports Management Act
4816-0001 Ports Management Fees Notice
2006-0015 Postal Services Act
3206-0002 Postal (Insured Articles) Regulations
3206-0001 Postal Regulations
1903-0037 Pounds and Animals Act
1969-0015 Preservation of Objects of Archaeological Interest Act
1947-0003 Price and Wage Control Act
2010-0043 Prisons Act
2021-0001 Prison Rules
1915-0005 Probate Act
1960-0002 Prohibited Publications Act
2002-0019 Protection Against Unfair Competition Act
2002-0017 Protection of Geographical Indications Act
3016-0001 Protection of Geographical Indications Regulations
2002-0018 Protection of Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated Circuits Act
2008-0001 Protection of Layout-Designs (Topographies) of Integrated circuits Regulations
2007-0015 Public Audit Act
2002-0025 Public Enterprises Act
2002-0027 Public Finance Management Act
0432-0002 Public Finance Administration (Accounts) Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki hono Pule'i 'o e Pa'anga 'a e Pule'anga (Ngaahi 'Akauni)
0432-0003 Public Finance Administration (Public Funds) Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki hono Pule'i 'o e Pa'anga 'a e Pule'anga (Ngaahi Pa'anga 'a e Pule'anga)
0432-0004 Public Finance Administration (Public Stores) Regulations
0432-0005 Public Finance Management (Treasury Bills Issue) Regulations
0432-0007 Public Procurement Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Fakatau Fakapule'anga
2019-0055 amended by...Public Procurement (Amendment) Regulations 2019 Tu’utu’uni (Fakatonutonu) ki he Fakatau Fakapule’anga 2019
0432-0001 Public Revenue Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he Ngaahi Pa'anga Hu Mai 'a e Pule'anga
2008-0019 Public Health Act
2020-0032 Declaration of a Public Health Emergency (COVID-19) Regulations 2020 Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni Fakahā 'o ha Tu'unga Fakatu'utamaki ki he Mo'ui (COVID-19) 2020
2830-0002 Public Health (Bakeries and Bread Vendors) Regulations
2830-0005 Public Health (Meat) Regulations
2830-0003 Public Health (Restaurants and Food Stores) Regulations
2830-0004 Water Supply Regulations
1919-0008 Public Holidays Act
1969-0010 Public Order (Preservation) Act
2002-0034 Public Service Act
2019-0007 amended by...Public Service (Amendment) (NO. 2) Act 2018 Lao (Fakatonutonu) (Fika 2) Ki He Ngaue Fakapule'anga 2018
2019-0006 amended by...Public Service (Amendment) Act 2018 Lao (Fakatonutonu) Ki He Ngaue Fakapule'anga 2018
2020-0050 amended by...Public Service (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao (Fakatonutonu) ki he Ngaue Fakapule’anga 2020
2019-0017 amended by...Public Service (Amendment)(No.2) Act 2019 Lao (Fakatonutonu)(Fika 2) ki he Ngaue Fakapule'anga 2019
0436-0001 Code of Conduct for the Public Service
0436-0002 Public Service (Disciplinary Procedures) Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni (Ngaahi Founga Tautea) ki he Ngaue Fakapule'anga
0436-0003 Public Service (Grievance and Dispute Procedures) Regulations Ngaahi Tu'utu'uni ki he (Founga Ngaue ki he Loto Mamahi mo e Va Tamaki) Ngaue Fakapule'anga
0436-0004 Public Service Policy Mannual
1950-0012 Queen Salote Jubilee Scholarship Fund Act
1930-0006 Radiocommunication Act
3504-0001 Private Experimental (Amateur) Radio Stations Regulations
3504-0002 Radio Operator's Certificates Regulations
1919-0005 Raffles and Lotteries Act
5408-0002 Raffles (Instant Lottery) Regulations
5408-0001 Raffles Regulations
2015-0059 Receivership Act 2015
1967-0005 Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Act
0742-0001 Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments (Extension to Countries and States) Order
0742-0003 Reciprocal Enforcement of Judgments Rules
2002-0009 Registration of Business Names Act
4026-0001 Registration of Business Names Regulations 2014
2013-0027 Rehabilitation of Offenders Act
2020-0095 amended by...Rehabilitation of Offenders (Amendment) Act 2020 Lao Fakaangaanga (Fakatonutonu) ki he Fakalelei 'o e Kau Fai Hia 2020
2010-0017 Remuneration Authority Act
2008-0010 Renewable Energy Act
1998-0014 Retirement Fund Act
0440-0001 Retirement Fund (Administration) Regulations Ngaahi Tu‘utu‘uni (Pule‘i) ‘o e Sino‘i Pa‘anga Malolo mei he Ngaue
1998-0015 Retirement Fund Board Act
2002-0028 Revenue Services Administration Act
2614-0001 Revenue Services Administration Regulations
1912-0015 Rhinoceros Beetle Act
2020-0057 Roads Act 2020
1962-0017 Royal Arms and Flag Act
1960-0004 Royal Commissions Act
1927-0015 Royal Estates Act
2014-0008 Seabed Minerals Act 2014
1979-0015 Shipping (Limitation of Liability) Act
1972-0011 Shipping Act
4818-0004 Shipping (International Ship and Port Facility Security) Regulations
4818-0001 Shipping (Life Saving Appliances) Regulations
4818-0005 Shipping (Registration) Regulations
4818-0003 Shipping (STCW Convention) Regulations
1977-0005 Special Missions' Privileges and Immunities Act
2015-0007 Statistics Act
2230-0001 Census Regulations 2011
1903-0008 Supreme Court Act
0745-0001 Companies Winding-Up Practice Direction
0745-0002 Obtaining Evidence for Foreign Courts Rules
0745-0003 Service of Foreign Process Rules
0745-0007 Supreme Court (Allowances to Witnesses) Regulations
0745-0005 Supreme Court (Probate and Administration) Rule
0745-0008 Supreme Court Rules
1958-0010 Telegraph Act
2001-0003 Therapeutic Goods Act
2834-0032 Therapeutic Goods Regulations 2011
2000-0030 Tobacco Control Act
2836-0002 Tobacco Control Regulations
1960-0015 Tonga Broadcasting Commission Act
2014-0009 Tonga Development Bank Act
2014-0021 Tonga Fire and Emergency Services Act
2007-0018 Tonga Law Commission Act 2007
2004-0010 Tonga National Qualifications and Accreditation Board Act
3014-0001 Tonga National Qualifications and Accreditation Regulations
2010-0035 Tonga Police Act
2019-0033 Tonga Police Regulations 2019 Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni ki he Polisi Tonga 2019
2019-0034 Tonga Police Service Medals Regulations 2019. Ngaahi Tu’utu’uni ‘a e Polisi Tonga ki he Metali Fakahoko Fatongia 2019
1972-0012 Tonga Red Cross Society Act
1989-0024 Tonga Sports Council Act
2012-0025 Tonga Tourism Authority Act
1988-0049 Tonga Trust Fund Act
2000-0032 Tonga Water Board Act
2000-0007 Tongan Internet Corporation Register Act
3512-0001 Tongan Internet Corporation Register (Fees) Regulations
1903-0000 Town Regulations Act
1964-0012 Trade Unions Act
1942-0003 Trading with the Enemy Act
2408-0001 Trading with the Enemy (Custodian) Order
2020-0058 Traffic Act 2020
1997-0008 Transfer of Prisoners Act
2008-0012 Transport Services Act
1959-0002 Treaty of Friendship (Judgments and Orders) Act
1909-0012 Vaccination Act
1938-0009 Vessels Replacement Fund Act
2005-0011 Waste Management Act
3218-0001 Waste Management (Plastic Levy) Regulations
2020-0072 Water Resources Act 2020
1978-0017 Weights and Measures Act
2008-0022 Whale Watching and Swimming Act
4031-0002 Whale Watching and Swimming Regulations 2013
1903-0030 Wharves Act