Principal and Amending Acts Passed in the Year
Short Title
Legislative Assembly Retirement Benefits Scheme (Amendment) Act 2020 
2021/22 Appropriation Act 2021 
Income Tax (Amendment) Act 2020 
Consumption Tax (Amendment) Act 2020 
Act of Constitution of Tonga (Amendment) Act 2021 
Revenue Services Administration Act 2021 
Act of Constitution of Tonga (Amendment) Act 2018 
Credit Unions Act 2021 
Illicit Drugs Control (Amendment) Act 2021 
Intoxicating Substances Act 2021 
Legislative Assembly (Amendment) Act 2021 
Medical, Dental and Allied Health Practitioners Act 2021 
Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Midwives Act 2021 
Ozone Layer Protection (Amendment) Act 2021 
Public Health (Amendment) Act 2021 
Therapeutic Goods (Amendment) Act 2021 
Tonga Climate Change Fund Act 2021 
Tonga Development Bank (Amendment) Act 2021 
Traffic (Amendment) Act 2021 
Vaccination (Amendment) Act 2021