Central Treaty Repository

On 26 May 2023, His Majesty’s Cabinet approved that the International Law Division of the Attorney General’s Office be designated the Central Treaty Repository with support, from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The role of the Central Treaty Repository will include the following:

  • Publishing all publicly available treaties on the Attorney General’s Office website.
  • Maintaining and updating monthly the Tonga Treaty Collection to ensure Government and the people of Tonga are up to date on Treaties that have the force of law in the Kingdom of Tonga.
  • Publishing and disseminating treaty related information to the Government and Community.

Given treaties form one of the sources of law of the Kingdom of Tonga, it is essential that access to and knowledge of this field of law is available to the Government and the people of Tonga.


Treaty Collection logoTonga Treaty Collection

Treaties set forth the rules upon which Tonga, as a State, interacts and relates with countries and international organizations on any topic. It gives the recognition that Tonga, is a State and has the full capacity as a country and Government to participate in the Global arena.

Tonga Treaty Collection 2023 lists treaties and other international agreements the Kingdom of Tonga has entered since the 1800’s. The list sets out all treaties and other international agreements of the Kingdom of Tonga on record until 27 April 2023. Certain types of agreements are not listed, such as classified agreements.