Historical Information

The Crown Law Department was created by His Majesty's Government in 1988 to replace the Crown Solicitor's Office.

Before then, the Crown Solicitor's Office had provided legal services for His Majesty's Government.

The office of the Attorney General was then created as the Ministerial Head of Crown Law, and the office of the Solicitor General was created as the Head of Department for the new Crown Law.

The first Attorney General was Hon Tevita Poasi Tupou, who was before then the Crown Solicitor. The first Solicitor General was Mr 'Aisea Havea Taumoepeau.

The role of Crown Law since 1988 has been to provide to His Majesty's Government with the traditional legal services provided by the Law Officers, including legal advice, litigation (prosecutions, and civil and land matters), and legislative drafting.

Since November 2006, Crown Law has further taken up the role of increasing legal literacy within the community.

Despite dealing with on-going issues of lack of resources and high turn-over of legal staff, Crown Law has been able to continue the provision of legal services to His Majesty's Government and the people of the Kingdom, with professionalism and integrity.