Law Clerk Programme

In 2009 Crown Law started offering Law Clerk positions on a daily-paid labour basis in accordance with the Tongan Public Service's policies.

The objectives of the programme are to:

  1. Prepare Tongan Government sponsored law scholars for service in Crown Law and in Government;
  2. Inspire and encourage Tongan Government law scholars, through their temporary time in Crown Law, to successfully complete their studies and return and work for the Tongan Government;
  3. Utilise law scholars to conduct basic administrative and legal work for Crown Law, particularly assisting in filing and archiving of closed files, organising legal resources, conducting legal research, assist in translation work and other legal and administrative work; and
  4. Provide temporary employment for law scholars as a source of income that could assist for obtaining resources for their studies.

Places will be offered during November to February period, and will be based on funding and workload.