Recent Acts

Credit Unions Act 2021
Intoxicating Substances Act 2021
Medical, Dental and Allied Health Practitioners Act 2021
Nurses, Nurse Practitioners and Midwives Act 2021
Tonga Climate Change Fund Act 2021
Revenue Services Administration Act 2021
Electronic Communication Abuse Offences Act 2020
2021/22 Appropriation Act 2021
International Arbitration Act 2020
Banking Act 2020

Recent Subordinate

Revenue Services Administration (Electronic Sales Register System) Regulations 2022
Fisheries (Fishing Vessels) Licensing Regulations 2020
Aquaculture Management Regulations 2020
Registration of Environmental Impact Assessment Consultant's Regulations 2021
Public Health (COVID-19) Regulations 2021
Revenue Services Administration Regulations 2021
Excise Tax (Amendment) (No.3) Order 2021
Excise Tax (Amendment) (No.2) Order 2021
Customs Duty (Amendment) Order 2021
Excise Tax (Amendment) Order 2021

Recent Gazettes

Gazette Extraordinary No.174 [2022]
Gazette Extraordinary No.175 [2022]
Gazette Extraordinary No.173 [2022]
Gazette Extraordinary No.149 [2022]
Gazette Extraordinary No.150 [2022]
Gazette Supplement Extraordinary No.7 [2022]
Gazette Supplement Extraordinary No.4 [2022]
Gazette Supplement Extraordinary No.5 [2022]
Gazette Supplement Extraordinary No.6 [2022]
Gazette Extraordinary No.81 [2022]

Recent Bills

Food Bill 2020
Water Resources Bill 2020
Employment Relations Bill 2020
Foreign Investment Bill 2020
Computer Crimes Bill 2019
Copyright (Amendment) Bill 2019
Criminal Offences (Amendment) Bill 2019
Tonga Police (Amendment) Bill 2019
Interpretation (Amendment) Bill 2019
Act of Constitution of Tonga (Amendment) Bill 2019